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IT is an ever evolving area of knowledge and expertise, and not all of it is technical. IT systems are critical to most businesses and can be potentially complex.

In many smaller businesses, dealing with the opportunities to improve IT and the impact on your business at a strategic level is often unaddressed or simply overlooked. Facing a vast and ever changing amount of technical, operational and legislative IT information, the task can be overwhelming. Business IT systems need to be co-ordinated and controlled, thus providing an efficient and cost effective service to your business.


Edwick-ICT IT Manager is a management level service customised around your business IT needs. Having an experienced IT Manager like a larger organisation will keep the IT systems and thus the business, running as effectively as possible. From designing backup and data policies that fit your business model to planning and helping to implement future needs and developments, our IT Manager Service provides you with an experienced IT management resource without the costs of a fulltime employee.



After a complete system and network audit, we discuss your business practices and how they interact with your IT infrastructure. Your business key objectives and future needs are also discussed at this time.


Our main objective is to ensure that you achieve the maximum value from your existing IT infrastructure without the need for further investment. If additional investment is recommended, or planned changes are required or expected, a Technology Roadmap will be created. Using this you will be able to plan for the future growing your IT with your business objectives and budgets. At this time any IT risks to your business will be identified and a plan formulated to address the issues.


Your Edwick-ICT IT Manager will help your staff implement any changes that need to be made and will help you to manage the performance of your IT resources. You will receive advice on the best form of IT support contracts and help organising any internal IT resource you may already have.


Your IT manager will regularly review your IT position and Technology Roadmap, pointing out any areas of weakness or misalignment to your business objectives.


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