Independent Consultancy.

Edwick-ICT have years of experience helping clients use their ICT investment to generate innovation, productivity and growth. With no ties to third party suppliers we offer a completely independent consultancy service.


C1Workflow & Process Management

Ensuring that your business processes are efficient is the key to achieving value from your investment. It’s all too easy for processes to become inefficient, additional items are added and process creep takes over. A review of your systems can obtain more bottom line return for your business.


C2 Infrastructure Reviews

An independent review of your infrastructure can help reduce your maintenance and energy costs.


C3Information Security

Information security is all about a balance between keeping business data secure and efficiency. We can help you ensure that your data is not only secure but protected and available in the event of a disaster.

Featured services

IT Manager

Edwick-ICT IT Manager is a management level service customised around your business IT needs............

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Solutions for business information technology.

Our experience of managing IT in business allows us to focus on your IT issues, ensuring that you can focus .....

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